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Argus pulsejet front end showing valve grid - photo by Dmitry Petrov
This closeup shot of the cut away front end of the Argus shows the back
side of the intricate valve plate, which in the Argus is a 'grid' made 
from a precision casting that is machined to support both the thin spring
steel valves and the fuel injectors. Surprisingly, the reed valves 
themselves are so small and numerous that they can't really be seen in 
the photo, but three of the injectors are visible protruding from the 
rear face of the grid. The steel tape Dmitry is using in these pictures 
is metric, of course - each major division [between red marks] is 1/10 of 
a metre, or just a hair under 4 inches.
Photo provided by, and property of, Dmitry Petrov

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