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Dmitry Petrov with Argus pulsejet - photo by Dmitry Petrov
Mr Dmitry Petrov of Russia stands beside a captured Argus engine,
a relic of WWII German war technology. The Argus is probably the largest
pulsejet engine ever produced, and is certainly the first pulsejet design
ever put into mass production. This machine, designed by Paul Schmidt, is
the engine that propelled the infamous V-1 "buzz bomb" across the English
Channel to terrorize London and a few other target areas. Static thrust of
the Argus was approximately 550 pounds [275 force kg]. The noise of this
engine was unbelievable - and unmistakeable. This one has been heavily cut
away at the front end [at the bottom in this shot], to show the precisely
machined valve plate assembly [see detail shot, below].
Photo provided by, and property of, Dmitry Petrov

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