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Heating a Titanium sample tube in DynaJet tailpipe (c) 2003 Larry Cottrill
A test of 1/4-inch [6mm] OD Titanium tubing, at a moderate depth in the tailpipe.
Note the 'hot spot' on the stainless shell of the DynaJet, showing clearly where the
end of the sample tube is positioned. Also note the red heat of the tubing back in
the vise jaws, where exhaust is running around and through it. A 20-second run of the 
jet showed absolutely no erosion of the sample metal whatsoever. The tubing is so light
that a sample this size held in the hand feels no heavier than a plastic drinking straw, 
yet its bending strength when cold resembles high-strength steel! It is amazing stuff, 
but is one of the most expensive alloys you can buy. Small scraps of various sizes
occasionally appear on e-Bay, making it affordable for the serious experimenter.
Photo Copyright 2003 Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation

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