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Erosion of mild steel sample tube in DynaJet tailpipe - photo (c) 2003 Cottrill Cyclodyne Corp.
Results from the first run where erosion of mild steel was observed. The tip of the
tube was approx. 9 inches [230mm] into the tailpipe. The near edge of the tube was
reasonably close to the tailpipe wall, and suffered no noticeable deterioration; the
far edge was close to the center, in the highest velocity part of the flow, and was
seriously eroded away. Some of the metal 'slag' from the melting and burning of the
steel can be seen welded on about 1.5 inches [38mm] behind the rim of the tubing;
most of this material was simply ejected as white-hot sparks, however.
Photo Copyright 2003 Cottrill Cyclodyne Corporation

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